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    Amironic Ltd

    Amironic Ltd was founded in 1987. Amironic represensts a variety of companies from the Electronic and Electromechanical fields in Israel.

    Amironic's main field of activity is supplying components for the following segments of the market:

    • Communication Systems & Electronic Equipment.
    • Medical & Laboratorial Equipment.
    • Industrial Equipment & Control Systems.
    • High Performance Inertial MEMS.
    • Power Supplies.
    • Military Systems.
    • Test Equipment &Transmission Systems.
    • Military & Commercial Sensors.

    • Designing & Supplying Prototypes.

    Amironic provides high quality service and is ISO 9001/2008 certified.

                   Tel: +972-3-9047744
                   Fax: +972-3-9047755 

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    Variohm EuroSensor
    Sensors and Transducers
    Airpax® Circuit Breakers
    New LEJ Series
    UL Listed 240VAC Per Pole
    Ultra Low Noise MEMS Sensors
    High Performance & Low Power MEMS Inertial Systems , Sensors & INS/GPS
    Herga Wireless
    Wireless solution for Footswitches & Handcontrols.
    Klixon Circuit Breakers
    Aircraft Circuit Breakers
    New MEMS Gyros & Accelerometers
    G200 - Dual Axis Gyro
    G150Z - Ultra Low Noise Gyro
    A40 - High g Accelerometer

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