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    6210 Light Industrial Duty Footswitch - Mid-size, economic plastic footswitch range....
    6241 Multi-pedal Footswitch/Palm Switch - Soft touch multi-pedal footswitches, Rated IP67....
    6243 Footswitch Bellows/Palm Switch - Non approved range of IP67 small footswitches....
    General Purpose Footswitch - Our classic, compact, versatile, metal footswitch range....
    62XX Foot bellows - A range of air operated footswitches to be used with our extensive r...
    More Foot Switches...
    Multi-Pedal Footswitches - A wide range of multi-pedal footswitches with various contact c...
    USB Footswitches - A wide variety of styles and sizes of footswitches, with USB connection...

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