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    LINEGARD™ GFCI- Ground Fault and Equipment Leakage
    Circuit Interrupters and Sensing Modules

    Ground fault: Should equipment or a person come in contact with a live [hot] wire, they become a path to ground, the result could be electrical current passing through their body, possibly resulting in damage, injury or death.

    Typical GFCI's and ELCI's utilize latch-type mechanisms that can fail in the closed position, preventing the contacts from opening in a fault condition, putting human life and equipment in jeopardy. North Shore Safety [NSS] products utilize an electromechanical design that is immune to high mechanical shock and vibration, and if failure occurs, the contacts failsafe open, protecting the person or equipment from electrical shock as a result of ground fault. In addition, NSS products include added safety features, with options like manual reset for power loss and fault conditions, along with many NSS products being capable of achieving UL NEMA 6P compliance [withstand 600 psi of water spray and submersion in 6 ft of water for 24 hours minimum].

    GFCI Duplex Wall Receptacle
    Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters come standard with power indicator light and series wire through connections.
    Available in white and ivory and all come with decorative face plates. Listed to U.L. 943.

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